Bioconjugation and Antibody Labeling Videos by Solulink

Streptavidin Magnetic Beads vs Assay Automation and Target Enrichment

Learn about streptavidin magnetic beads and agarose and how they compare when used for different applications. Experience biotin-binding capacity that is significantly higher than that of the competition, which has many advantages including using fewer beads, cost purposes, and speeding up automation processes.

Antibody Labeling, Conjugation, and Crosslinkers vs Traditional Methods by Solulink

Solulink discusses its conjugation technology that includes antibody labeling kits, crosslinkers, streptavidin magnetic beads and more versus traditional conjugation methods used in life research. Highlighted are the unique advantages of using Solulink conjugation linkers, kits, and magnetic beads for biotinylation, flow cytometry, immunoassays, ELISA's, bead assays, immunohistochemistry, diagnostics, and more assay development techniques.