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Introducing HybriLink™ for Flow Cytometry

Any Antibody in Any Color, On-Demand. No chemistry needed.

HybriLink™ is a new antibody labeling technology that enhances flow cytometry panel optimization by allowing you to quickly and easily mix and match antibodies with different labels, right on the bench—without expensive or time-consuming custom conjugations or conjugation kits. HybriLink™ provides boundless options of colors and antibodies and is a solution to the "missing color" antibody problem. You can mix aliquots of the antibody with any number of dyes and quickly fit a new antibody into a new or existing panel.

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HybriLink™ provides the cytometrist with access to any antibody in any color:

  • Just in time, at point-of-use, in just the volume you need now (no more refrigerators filled with hundreds of half-used vials of different clone and color combinations)
  • Requires no chemistry skills (just mix and use)
  • Requires no separation of reactants from product (labeling efficiency approaches 100%)
    Perfectly consistent lot-to-lot performance
  • Works with fixed or live cells; at 4°, RT, or 37°; in PBS whole blood, or any other typical matrix
  • Works equally well in multi-color cocktails and single color staining
    Works with every antibody and every fluor (small molecule fluors, fluorescent proteins, tandem fluors, even Brilliant Violet™ dyes)

We are happy to share more information on how it works with samples to qualified researchers. For more information, please provide us with the following information: