Your link to results

More stable and more quantifiable. Easier to use with less time needed. Better support and more accessible information. That is what you get with Solulink. From biotinylation to antibody labeling to magnetic beads, our products are your link to more consistent results and more efficient research.

Comprehensive crosslinking portfolio

With our products, you can conjugate a greater variety of biomolecules. Once linked, your completed conjugate has a unique signature wavelength that can be detected and quantified 
by a simple UV measurement.
 Our linkers are 5 to 10 times more stable than the existing conjugation linkers, delivering best-in-class conjugates without the need for hazardous organic solvents. And our labeling kits include purification, saving you time and space.

Intelligent design for easier crosslinking

Many people find conjugation to be difficult to navigate and time-consuming to learn. So we have reduced the steps you have to take. We've sped up conjugations using a catalyst. We include flash drives in our kits with all the required protocols, calculators and web links you could need. And we are constantly working to make our kits as user-friendly as possible.

Constant support for consistent results

We want you to have unfettered access to everything you need. On our website, you can see product specs, user manuals, product data sheets, prices and white papers. In many cases we have included actual gel photos of conjugates in our white papers--something you won't see anywhere else. And if you need help with anything, from grant writing to project completion, our customer support team is just a phone call away.

Download Solulink's Bioconjugation Primer

Solulink's Latest Headlines

6/2015 - Solulink and TriLink BioTechnologies Enter into Manufacturing and Distribution Agreement

1/24/14 - An article discussing Solulink’s new revolutionary dye mix and match antibody labeling technology, HybriLink™ was published in the January 24, 2014, ChemBioChem Journal. The article is the result of a collaboration between the University of Chicago and Solulink:
DNA-Directed Assembly of Antibody–Fluorophore Conjugates for Quantitative Multiparametric Flow Cytometry

Solulink Appoints Life Science Industry Veteran Jack Ball as Chief Executive Officer