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Our customers have had the following things to say about their experience with Solulink. You can also read about our customers' success in our case studies.

“In our hands, Solulink linkers have proven flexible and soundly designed products well tailored to customized production of bioconjugates. The conjugation chemistry has wide application, is simple to perform, stable in solution and can be conveniently prepared in stock for later usage. Solulink products are a valuable component of our laboratory toolbox.”

John Mountzouris, PhD, 

“I was extremely satisfied by how easily everything went together and based on these results will be hard-pressed to ever again use a maleimide. This feedback is from someone who has tried all the other commercial coupling chemistries and none work so nicely as yours.”

Jim Coull, 
Ensemble Discovery

“We recently were able to link our TLR agonist to a phospolipid via your Solulink method. These hybrid molecules can be incorporated into nanoparticle formulations with the great advantage that the incorporation of the conjugate into the nanoparticle can be quantified via UV absorbance mearurements which do not interfere with the other components of the complex particle. I highly recommend your linker method for this application.”

Wolfgang Wrasidlo, PhD
, University of California in San Diego

“We have successfully used the versatile linker, SANH (Succinimidyl 6-hydrazinonicotinate acetone hydrazone), to modify proteins of interest, namely mouse serum albumin and ovalbumin, and subsequently conjugate the intermediate to a small molecule containing an aromatic aldehyde to form a stable hydrazone product. The reactions were found to be reproducible and convenient to perform. The final products were easily characterized by UV spectrophotometry to determine the extent of conjugation. SANH is the most versatile and convenient linker reagent we have found for our protein-small molecule modifications.”

Howard B. Cottam, PhD, 
Moores Cancer Center

"In my experience, using the MHPH and 4FB system I have seen a great improvement in conjugation efficiency, batch to batch reproducibility, and final product yield. The fact that you can verify every step makes it easy to not only compare batches but to ensure quality of product. The final traceable linker is also amazing since it simplifies purification enormously."


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