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Solulink was founded on a proprietary, easy-to-use, catalyzed linker technology that enables faster and quantitative conjugation of biomolecules with higher efficiencies and yields. Biomolecule conjugation is fundamental to ELISAs, affinity chromatography, and bead assays. However, the standard maleimido, SMCC, and EDAC conjugation chemistries are notoriously slow, inefficient, tedious, and not easily measurable, adding unnecessary time and expense. At Solulink, we are seeking to change this paradigm with our proprietary linker technology.

Read more about conjugating and immobilizing biomolecules efficiently and easily, with high conjugate yields.

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Solulink's Latest Headlines

6/2015 - Solulink and TriLink BioTechnologies Enter into Manufacturing and Distribution Agreement

1/24/14 - An article discussing Solulink’s new revolutionary dye mix and match antibody labeling technology, HybriLink™ was published in the January 24, 2014, ChemBioChem Journal. The article is the result of a collaboration between the University of Chicago and Solulink:
DNA-Directed Assembly of Antibody–Fluorophore Conjugates for Quantitative Multiparametric Flow Cytometry

Solulink Appoints Life Science Industry Veteran Jack Ball as Chief Executive Officer